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While most of my knowledge sharing is done through articles, every now and then I give a talk at a gathering or (more regularly) internally at the office. Here are the most interesting ones I’ve presented.

“Kotlin (Multiplatform) Libraries: Compilation and Publishing”

At DAUG (Dutch Android User Group).
2024, upcoming.

I’ll explain and show how Kotlin code is compiled to multiple targets, how multiplatform libraries are internally structured (including how we can modify it) and, practically, how to publish a multiplatform library.

“Compiler Plugins and Compose Multiplatform”

At employer’s internal Android guild.
February, 2024.

About the Kotlin compiler differences between K1 & K2 all the way to Compose Multiplatform on iOS.

Slides (with company references removed):

“Kotlin Multiplatform”

At employer, technical management focused.
July, 2023.

A general introduction to KMP, including a demo of Compose Multiplatform on iOS and a comparison with Flutter. This talk was later turned into an article: Flutter versus Kotlin Multiplatform for existing codebases.

Slides (with company references removed):

“Crashing Calls”

At employer’s internal Android guild.
March, 2022.

About error handling, exceptions and crashes.


“Android Testing Workshop by the Appie Team”

At GDG DevFest.
October, 2016

My first Android-related talk/workshop, together with great colleagues.