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Apps and Libraries

I’ve developed and maintain several apps and open-source libraries. Next to that, I sometimes contribute to other projects, see my GitHub profile.


📝 Notes for Android

Platforms: Android, web.
Available: since 2010.
Downloads: 1M-5M.

🎼 Sight-Reading Trainer

Platforms: Android, iOS (upcoming).
Available: since 2018.
Downloads: 1k-5k.

💹 Portfolio Rebalancer

Platforms: Android.
Available: since 2020.
Downloads: 1k-5k.

🎹 [In development 1]

Platforms: Android, iOS.
Category: Music.
Available: 2024.

🌐 [In development 2]

Platforms: Android, iOS.
Category: Language learning.
Available: 2024.


Compose Action Menu

An easy-to-use action/overflow menu for Compose UI.

Human Readable

A small set of data formatting utilities for Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP).